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ATM NCR Cash Recycle 6636 Machine
ATM NCR Cash Recycle 6636 Machine

ATM NCR Cash Recycle 6636 Machine

ATM Whole Machine NCR Cash Recycle Machine Crs Selfserv 6636

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Product Details:


Specification Of NCR: SelfServ 36

The NCR SelfServ 36™ is an outside ATM that offers intelligent cash deposit and/or recycling and a range of revenue generating services. Its very compact footprint and slimline user interface make it ideal for vestibule or outdoor locations where space is at a premium.

Consumer Interface

Display – 15” LCD, FDK or touchscreen, optional privacy filter, sunlight readable displays

Keyboard – EPP (PCI compliant), polycarbonate or stainless steel

Card Reader – Smart Dip, IMCRW with Smart option, HiCo

Integrated Media Entry and Exit Indicators (MEEI)

Audio – Optional high quality public audio and/or sound jack with volume control

Advert panel – Standard or enhanced with backlight

Barcode Reader – 2D Barcode supports both 1D and 2D documents


S2 Media Dispense Module. 2-4 cassettes, bunch presenter

Configurable purge bin capability with retract and single note divert

Anti-overfill cassette

Deposit Technology

Intelligent Cash Deposit and Recycling. Options – Choice of Cash Acceptors and Recycler. Accepts and validates up to 200new notes per transaction*

Supports multi-currency deposit, remote download of templates

2 or 4 deposit or recyling cassettes with  up to 235mm capacity or up to 2,300 new notes per cassette*


Receipt Printer – 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer. Options – retract and capture, dual roll and/or 2ST (two-sided thermal printing)

Journal Printer – 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer (E-Journal available as default)


NCR Secure™ is a complete portfolio of multi-layered solutions and services designed to provide protection against ATM attacks. Including a range of physical enclosures, recessed PIN Pad and Solidcore software security to protect your network.


Interior:   – Temperature: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)

          – Humidity: 20% to 80%

Vestibule: – Temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)

         – Humidity: 10% to 100%

Exterior:  – Temperature: -31°F to 122°F (-35°C to 50°C)

          – Humidity: 20% to 80%

          – Acoustics: Sound power 65db (A) idle, 68db (A) operating


LCD Operator Panel (rear load only)

Front, rear and side service

Operating Platform

A range of Intel® Processors

2GB or 4GB RAM

250GB hard drive

DVD-RW drive


Windows® 7


NCR APTRA software

Additional features

Biometrics ready

Contactless ready






68.2” (1,733mm)

18.5” (470mm)

32.5” (826mm)

1,612lbs (731kg)

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