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ATM Can Provide 10 Yuan Banknote Service

Edit:Longtop Technology (HK) LimitedUpDate:Mar 11, 2018

In order to provide more convenient and high quality financial services to the public, the Zhongshan branch of the Agricultural Bank of China has continuously improved its service function in recent years. The day before, according to the Zhongshan line, the line in the whole jurisdiction within the scope of the promotion of ATM10 yuan notes withdrawals, the bank currently including Zhang Shiqi branch, Development Zone side branch, Xiaolan Taifeng flow centralized network branch, 26 on the line ATM machine can provide 10 yuan cash withdrawals the public service, meet the needs of small denomination withdrawals.

The bank also increase the channel construction, in the public financial demand, but the Bank of physical outlets not covered by the area, increase the allocation of resources in recent years built more than 50 off-line self-service banking in urban and rural areas of Zhongshan, with more than 200 sets of ATM.