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Taxation ATM Makes Tax Processing Easier And Faster

Edit:Longtop Technology (HK) LimitedUpDate:Sep 21, 2018

"In the past, when I met a lot of people, I had to wait a long time. Now I am better. There are 5 self-service terminals here, and I don’t have to wait for the window to be long." Yesterday, I came to the Administrative Service Center Tax Office to apply for an invoice. Ms. Wang, the private owner, said happily.

“Through self-service terminals, it is more convenient for tax processing. Taxpayers can handle VAT special invoices without having to queue up at the window, and they can also reduce the pressure on staff.” District Administrative Service Center Tax Hall staff Xiao Chen Tell the reporter that the self-service terminal in the tax field is like “ATM”. It has become a new way of taxation after the taxation methods such as labor, telephone and online. It has opened the tax service “middle obstruction”, and taxpayers can log on to the Internet. The tax platform, through the scan code, fill in the VAT special invoice to open the business application, and enter the invoice related information. After the information is approved, the taxpayer only needs to swipe the resident second-generation ID card information in the electromagnetic self-service terminal of the tax self-service terminal, or enter the application number to complete the paper invoice printing, which is convenient and quick.

The relevant person in charge of the District Administrative Service Management Office introduced that after the tax self-service terminal was “on the job”, the taxpayer realized the online application, online review, self-service billing, self-service tax payment when the taxpayer opened the special value-added tax invoice, and the whole process did not need to wait on site. Fill in the documents and process audits. The duration of a single business is less than 5 minutes, which not only reduces the work intensity of tax staff, but also saves time costs for taxpayers.

According to reports, the self-service tax terminal realizes human-computer interaction through ARM touch screen and voice prompts, and helps taxpayers to handle self-service tax services of up to 10 kinds of businesses such as VAT special invoice certification and electronic invoice sale. At the same time, the system further optimizes the operation interface and prompts for various problems that may arise during the tax service process, especially the prompts for adding abnormal information, so that taxpayers can handle business more intuitively and confidently.